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The Rise of Amazon and How It Impacts the Collision Repair Industry

Written by David Roberts and Raul Salinas, Focus Advisors Automotive
The Rise of Amazon and How It Impacts the Collision Repair Industry Amazon


...in favor of Amazon by allowing it to control even more of its distribution market share.


Who knows whether there will be networks of drone DSPs! Will drone repairs become part of the repair offerings of MSOs?


Ultimately, nobody has a crystal ball, but based on what we know, DSPs are still a rapidly growing segment and there is ample room for innovative operators to broaden their offerings.


DSPs vehicles are an accelerating fleet repair opportunity with high performance requirements and likely full value pricing.


As Amazon sets its aim for reducing its dependence on traditional order fulfillment solutions, one can expect its network of distribution centers and last-mile delivery stations to continue expanding throughout the U.S. As a result, more collision shop owners will find themselves repairing Amazon fleet vehicles.


By proactively identifying nearby opportunities, shop owners can position their businesses to capture more volume, and ultimately hold more market share in this small but growing repair segment.


Source: Focus Advisors Automotive

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