Friday, 30 July 2021 21:02

Biden Campaigns for 40% of U.S. Automaker Sales to Be Electric

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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President Joe Biden is campaigning for U.S. automakers to commit to a sales goal that would see 40% of its delivered units be electric by 2030.

The request from Biden is still in the negotiation phase, according to a UAW representative, who stated no agreement had been reached yet.


The White House has emphasized American car companies begin a serious effort to manufacture and sell electric cars. Aligning with lofty climate goals set for the rest of the decade, Biden is looking at the transportation sector for assistance, calling on domestic car companies to agree to 40% of its total sales be electric.


Earlier in the last week of July, the White House announced it would set aside $7.5 billion of its massive $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure deal toward electric vehicle charging stations. The push toward increasing the availability of charging points for EVs would focus on “rural, disadvantaged and hard-to-reach communities” in particular.


However, the increase in charging stations would need to be supported by an increased number of electric cars on the road. EVs account for a small percentage of the U.S. automotive market, with around 2% to 3% of the total cars on the road. This number is increasing year over year, but Biden would like to see more effort put forth on increasing the available options from domestic automakers.


Companies like Ford and GM have already released electrified models on the market, and they are performing well in sales terms.


A recent report from Car and Driver revealed the GM-owned Chevy Bolt EV was the third most popular electric car so far this year. The Ford Mustang Mach-E was...

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