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Tesla Superchargers to Adopt Time-Based Pricing for Non-Tesla EVs

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati
Tesla Superchargers to Adopt Time-Based Pricing for Non-Tesla EVs Tesla


...the best connector, it’s small and light and looks good and above standard. So an adapter is needed to work for EVs in North America. But people could buy this adapter. And we anticipate having it available at the Superchargers as well if people don’t sort of steal them or something."


While numerous Tesla owners have expressed their reservations about the Supercharger Network being opened to other electric cars, Senior VP for Powertrain and Energy Engineering Andrew Baglino noted the initiative would likely pave the way for an even more aggressive expansion of the rapid charging infrastructure.


Musk agreed with this point, noting Tesla has to grow the Supercharger Network more than ever before. 


“Obviously, for the Supercharger Network to be useful to other car companies’ cars, we need to grow the network faster than we’re growing vehicle output, which is not easy," Musk said. "We’re growing vehicle output at a hell of a rate. So Superchargers need to grow faster than vehicle output.


"This is a lot of work for the Superchargers team, but it is only useful in the grand scheme of things. Just only useful to the public if we’re able to grow faster than Tesla vehicle output. So that is our goal.”


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