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To Calibrate or Not to Calibrate? There is No Question

Written by Rebecca Barnabi, glassBYTEs.com


...spoke to the importance of environment when calibrating.


“Just because it’s calibrated doesn’t mean that it’s calibrated properly,” Navant said.


Chris Gutierrez, director of technology and innovation with Protech, mentioned the necessity for best practices when it comes to calibration.


“You will never remove your liability. There is no way you will ever remove it. So [you have] to build your documentation and do it correctly,” Gutierrez said.


He also spoke on customers’ lack of information about the industry.


“When you try to explain to somebody on the phone that they have a rock chip [in their windshield], and it’s going to cost them $1,100, it’s eye opening [to the customer],” Gutierrez said.


In a discussion about training, customer service representatives (CSRs) and the importance of equipment stood out.


“For our CSRs to be able to speak knowledgably requires training,” Lintner said. “So, the training of the CSRs, in my mind, is absolutely essential if you want to have a satisfied customer at the end of the process.”


Lintner said calibration is a completely different industry on its own.


“We all spend a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out how to make a calibration work in a particular case, and we’re not compensated for that time. And when you figure the fact that the insurance industry likes to compensate for the three types of calibrations, it really should be by the hours required. And I would hope that at some point in time there would be hours rather than flat rates based on dynamics,” Lintner said of compensation for calibration.


A question was posed to the panel about the future of static versus dynamic calibrations.


“Everything we’re seeing and hearing from the sources we go to, it’s going the other way. Static is where it’s going to go. And I’m already seeing static has surpassed our dynamics in my business,” Weller said.


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