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To Calibrate or Not to Calibrate? There is No Question

Written by Rebecca Barnabi, glassBYTEs.com


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The importance of calibration was highlighted in a panel discussion in early June at Auto Glass Week 2021, and audience members heard it straight from the source in “Learning from Auto Glass Shops that Offer Calibration Services.”

“So we’ve heard a lot of tales of dealers saying: ‘Well, it didn’t throw a code, so it doesn’t need to be calibrated.’ That’s not true. You have to look at the service information,” said George Weller, president of Zenith Auto Glass in Duluth, MN.


Barry Lintner, owner of Lloyd’s Glass and Correct Calibration Services in Pensacola, FL, said marketing is why he added calibration to his company’s list of services.


“We chose to give the calibration business its own identity,” Lintner said. “So Correct Calibration Services, which speaks very clearly what it is that we do, it is subservient to our Lloyd’s Glass company, and we only do calibrations for ourselves at this point in time.”


He further explained his company’s name, and the importance of making it clear for customers.


“Calibration is new to everybody. And most people don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Lintner says.


Marketing is also the answer when it comes to educating consumers about calibration, according to Lintner.


“We utilize all forms of media. I particularly must admit the social media forums and formats are extremely effective and cost effective,” he said.


Lintner said marketing is “really just about getting the message to the consumer in the places that they’re going to see it, in the ways that they’re going to understand it. It’s just Marketing 101.”


“For us, we started a second company [for calibration] just so we could service competitors and help out local body shops. We saw a need, and we went for it, and we’re very thankful that we did,” said Jacques Navant, technical director of frogitout and Don’s Mobile Glass.


Navant, who is also sitting chairperson for the Auto Glass Safety Council’s Advanced Driver Assistance System Committee, also...

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