Tuesday, 27 July 2021 16:59

Autotrader Names Hottest Cars of Summer 2021, Factoring Vehicle Availability Amid Inventory Shortage


...priced right and there are plenty of models for sale right now.


Chevrolet Silverado


Full-size pickups are hot no matter how you look at them, and the recently redesigned Silverado is no exception. The Silverado got a complete makeover in 2019, leaving the current truck packed with performance, features and options. Unless you do a lot of heavy towing, we suggest a Silverado 1500 with the 5.3-liter V8.


Chevrolet Tahoe


The Tahoe typically is in the top 20 when it comes to searches on Autotrader, and there are thousands of them for sale right now. Like many of Chevy's trucks and SUVs, the Tahoe recently got a redesign. It combines truck toughness with family-car comfort. If you're searching used, note that Chevrolet has an excellent certified pre-owned program.


Ford F-150


If you're looking for a used full-size pickup, there are plenty of F-150s from which to choose. Ford offers a compelling list of engines, but most F-150s you see on dealer lots will be powered by a V8 or turbo V6 gasoline engine, or a Powerstroke diesel engine. In addition, Ford's Blue Advantage certified pre-owned program has many excellent benefits.


Honda Accord


The Accord isn't as highly searched as some other models, but it is high in availability, and the Honda brand overall is one of the most searched on Autotrader. The Accord is still a relatively new design (redesigned in 2018), and the car is notoriously reliable. Plus, the fact that it is a sedan and not a pickup or SUV means you might find some good deals.


Jeep Wrangler


Believe it or not, the Jeep Wrangler is both in-demand and easy to find. Given the number of Wrangler packages, modifications, accessories and special editions, you might not find the exact Wrangler you're searching for, but you can come close. If you decide to go with a used Wrangler, the 2018 and newer models are best.


Jeep Grand Cherokee


For 2021, the popular Grand Cherokee now has a version with three rows of seating available for the first time. The Grand Cherokee has a "just right" combination of luxury, all-weather capability, and serious off-road chops. That do-anything spirit is what makes Jeep so desirable---the Jeep brand is the fourth-most-searched brand on Autotrader.


Ram 1500


Like the F-150 and Silverado, the Ram 1500 remains popular. In the middle to upper trim levels of the Ram, it outclasses both the Ford and the Chevy in terms of interior design and materials and overall ride quality. The Ram 1500 is both...