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Autotrader Names Hottest Cars of Summer 2021, Factoring Vehicle Availability Amid Inventory Shortage


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Autotrader named the Hottest Cars of Summer 2021, but with a timely twist.

The editors typically define "hottest" as the cars most in demand---specifically the vehicles shoppers most frequently search on Autotrader---but like many things over the last year, for 2021 things are a bit different.


A well-publicized microchip shortage along with COVID-related production and supply-chain issues have led to many of the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs not being available on dealership lots.


To make the Hottest Cars of Summer 2021 list more helpful this year, the editors combined the most-searched vehicles on Autotrader with the most-available vehicles, all based on Cox Automotive data. They also factored in the vehicle brands that have the most available inventory this year.


In making their selections, Autotrader's editors were careful to avoid anything high demand/low inventory (for this list, defining "inventory" as models that are abundant when browsing listings on Autotrader).  


"Car shopping looks a lot different this year due to the vehicle inventory crisis, and it was important to ensure Autotrader's list of the Hottest Cars of Summer 2021 accurately reflected what's currently happening in the marketplace," said Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader. "In crossing the data of the most-searched and the most-available vehicles, we got a good look at what in-market car shoppers are facing. It's also important to note that popularity doesn't always equal scarcity---for example, the Jeep Wrangler is popular and there are many available right now."


The following brands currently have plenty of cars for sale, listed as the makes that are most abundant on Autotrader: Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Ram, GMC, Hyundai and BMW.


As for which models are likely to be in stock, below are the hottest cars, trucks and SUVs this summer. Note that the vehicles below are listed in alphabetical order, and not ranked by availability when it comes to specific models.


Autotrader's Hottest Cars of Summer 2021


Chevrolet Equinox


If you're looking for a good compact SUV, the Equinox is one you should add to your shopping list. Think of it as an alternative to small SUVs like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-30. New or used, the Equinox is...

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