Friday, 23 July 2021 09:44

Rivian Electric Truck Startup Seeking Location for 2nd U.S. Factory

Written by Steven Loveday, Inside EVs


..."We look forward to working with a supportive, technology-forward community in order to create a partnership as strong as the one we have with Normal (IL)."


Don't hold us to this, since anything can happen. However, at this point, it seems with Rivian it's not a matter of "if" but rather "when?"


The pandemic has hindered companies across the globe, and if established automakers are struggling, it only makes sense a startup would be impacted significantly. We've seen precisely what has happened to nearly every EV startup that has raced to move forward.


For now, it's just a waiting game. We certainly hope Rivian doesn't delay its vehicle launch yet again, but it's critical the launch comes off successfully. The company must be forecasting huge demand for its current and future vehicles it it's already looking for another U.S. factory site and planning on expanding into Europe so soon.


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