Thursday, 15 July 2021 15:24

Where is It? Delays Prompt Online Search for Answers from Tool Supplier

Written by Rebecca Barnabi, glassBYTEs.com


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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the operations of businesses across the country. Not only are businesses experiencing staffing issues, but also shipping and supplies are a concern.

The auto glass industry is not excluded from supply and shipping issues as a recent discussion on social media proved.


Charles Dapp owns Chuck’s Auto Glass in Mount Verde, FL. He has been in business for 33 years, and was one of several technicians who commented on social media.


"It will be a very helpful tool,” Dapp said of the ProSet setting tool.


Dapp says he had heard on social media about the setting tool, which aids technicians in installing windshields. He ordered the tool four to six weeks ago and had heard one part was on back order and that orders would take a while to ship.


“I never thought it was a scam,” Dapp said. “Every time I email them or call them, they always respond.”


Dapp said he has seen videos of the tool.


“So I know the tool is a real tool,” he said. “They make the tool by hand to order."


“That’s exactly what’s going on,” said Jamie Foss, who co-owns and operates ProSet Auto Glass with her husband, Christian Foss. “The pandemic is taking a hit on us in every shape and form.”


The couple began its auto glass tool business five years ago. Each tool sold is made by hand, and requires parts from other sources before completion.


“Every part of it---answering the phones, taking orders, keeping track of inventory,” Jamie Foss said of how she and her husband operate the business on their own.


For example, Foss said ProSet ordered cups for the setting tools in February, and did not receive them until April. In June, they ordered wheel shafts, and did not receive them until July 9.


“It’s mainly UPS,” Foss said of the slow shipping process. Since switching to...

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