Thursday, 08 July 2021 22:01

Stellantis to Invest $36B in EVs Through 2025

Written by Mark Kane, Inside EVs


...electric pickup trucks.


The platforms will use a scalable family of three electric drive modules (EDM) that combines the motor, gearbox and inverter. The interesting thing is the power inverter is to be shared by all three EDM families, with only small modifications, like different power modules selected for different units.


The EDMs will be used in FWD, RWD and AWD electric cars, and in plug-in hybrids.


The electric drive units will be produced locally---in the case of Europe, the base will be NPe, a Stellantis and Nidec joint venture.


The battery packs will be standardized as well, to cover all brands and segments. The efficiency in small EVs will be 4.3 miles per kWh. The top of the line models are expected to offer 0-62 mph in as low as two seconds.


Stellantis also said the platforms are designed for long life via software and hardware upgrades---we guess new model years will be getting new hardware, which will be available for older models as well, like a higher capacity battery.


"A program of hardware upgrades and over-the-air software updates will extend the life of the platforms well into the next decade," the company said. "Stellantis will develop software and controls in-house to maintain the characteristics unique to each brand."


Stellantis announced there are two battery chemistries planned by 2024: the standard Ni-based high energy-density option (600-700 Wh/L), configured in one unique module type for the entire group in 2024; and the more affordable nickel- and cobalt-free alternative (600-500 Wh/L), configured in a cell-to-pack approach.


From 2026, all battery types are to be built using...