Thursday, 08 July 2021 15:15

Buckle Selects CCC to Digitize Auto Claims Experience for Gig Economy Drivers 


...a self-guided auto claims experience following an accident: 


  • CCC Quick Estimate: helps drivers efficiently collect photos of vehicle damage and share information with Buckle, right from their smartphone. 
  • CCC Smart Total Loss: using the same damage photos generated through Quick Estimate, Buckle can run CCC Smart Total Loss, an AI-powered solution to help predict in real time if a vehicle is likely repairable or a total loss. 
  • CCC Quick Valuation: in the event a vehicle is deemed a total loss by Buckle, CCC Quick Valuation will help policyholders capture additional photo details and guide next steps. CCC Quick Valuation helps Buckle's gig drivers more quickly navigate the valuation process and accelerate resolution. 

"By expediting these steps, drivers will have more transparency into the status of their claim, and in the case of a total loss, can more quickly secure a replacement vehicle and resume work," added Rosen. 
"The initial set of decisions following an auto claim are often the most critical," said Shivani Govil, chief product officer for CCC. "Through CCC's advanced AI and photo technology, vehicle triage decisions can be made quickly and more accurately, delivering peace of mind to policyholders and better claims outcomes for the insurer. CCC is proud to power a digital claims experience for Buckle, keeping their drivers moving forward when it matters most." 


Learn more about CCC's advanced AI here.


Source: CCC, Buckle


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