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A Tesla Model S Plaid Spontaneously Combusted, Briefly Trapping the Driver Inside

Written by Brad Bergan, Interesting Engineering
The Tesla Model S Plaid on fire. The Tesla Model S Plaid on fire. Ben Meiselas/Twitter


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Few if any new inventions are perfect with the first iteration.

One of Tesla's new high-end Model S Plaids spontaneously combusted June 29 in Haverford, PA, momentarily trapping its driver inside, according to a tweet from the law firm representing the driver.


The owner's lawyer also said the vehicle "spontaneously combusted," according to a report from The Verge.


Luckily, the driver escaped alive. It's also important to note this could be a flaw with the design, but further investigation is necessary to confirm or refute this possibility.


Firefighters from both the Lower Merion and Gladwyne fire departments responded to the scene before 9 p.m. EDT June 29, where they "laid a 5-inch supply line into the scene so that we could keep a continual water stream on the fire to extinguish the fire and cool the batteries down to ensure complete extinguishment," read a statement from the Gladwyne Fire Department.


The Model S Plaid is Tesla's high-end, super-fast refurbished version of the all-electric auto manufacturer's original EV sedan, and mere weeks have passed since it went to market. CEO Elon Musk hosted the commencement of initial customer deliveries of the novel EV, which sells for $130,000.


This burning one was among the first 250 vehicles shipped out to buyers, according to the tweet from the unnamed driver's lawyer, Ben Meiselas. As of writing, in addition to surviving, the driver escaped the inferno with no injuries.


"This is a harrowing and frightening situation and an obvious major problem," said another attorney, Mark Geragos, who is also representing the owner, in a Roadshow report. "Our preliminary investigation is ongoing, but we call on Tesla to sideline these cars until a full investigation can occur."


The fire department said it...

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