Friday, 18 June 2021 20:19

Cambridge Mobile Telematics Acquires TrueMotion


...unique predictive capabilities for risk segmentation for personal and commercial insurers. Telematics measures adverse behaviors that cause crashes, such as phone distraction, excessive speeding and a pattern of hard braking, indicating lower focus.


This is a huge shift from traditional factors, which correlate with crashes, but don’t cause them. Moreover, because drivers can control their telematics-based risk factors, they can reduce their crash risk and lower their insurance premiums using structured feedback and incentives.


The two companies have proven these capabilities at scale with millions of users of mobile applications in more than 90 enterprise programs.


This acquisition also strengthens CMT’s ability to help insurers and the mobility industry modernize emergency response and claims processes. The advancements build on the companies’ innovations for real-time crash detection and AI-based crash reconstruction using high-frequency sensor data. The technology enables organizations to dispatch roadside assistance within seconds of a crash, receive detailed information about a crash in minutes and improve damage assessment for insurance claims.


“The adoption of CMT’s telematics services has been growing exponentially since 2018, and with TrueMotion joining us, we are poised for even greater growth,” said Hari Balakrishnan, CMT’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “We will not only widen our lead in smartphone telematics, but also use our combined talent to invent new products for risk measurement, contextual telematics and crash mitigation across emerging mobile, IoT, connected-car, video and sensing technologies. We look forward to developing and deploying these products to serve our partners and drivers everywhere.”


Source: Cambridge Mobile Telematics


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