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Study: Consumers Eager for Smart Mobility Assistance in Connected Vehicles

Written by Auto Remarketing Staff


...connected services that expand the concept of roadside assistance.


According to the survey, the top six most desirable connected assistance features identified by U.S. consumers included:


  • Early collision detection: 72.4%
  • Likely dead battery detection: 72.2%
  • Insurance policy discounts for safe driving: 69.7%
  • Early repair detection: 68.9%
  • Vehicle re-routing based on live traffic conditions: 68.4%
  • Contact authorities/emergency services upon collision: 61.7%


Urgently also discovered consumers expressed their willingness to pay for a number of these features, including preemptive/preventive services, such as early collision detection, likely dead battery detection and early repair detection.


Furthermore, the survey mentioned consumers also indicated their readiness for a broader range of connected assistance features, including:


  • Driver fatigue detection and notification: 61.4%
  • Fuel consumption based on your driving behavior: 61.4%
  • Contact family/friends upon an incident with your location data: 60.2%
  • Mobile mechanic battery check-up and maintenance: 59.9%
  • Mobile mechanic tire check-up and maintenance: 57.9%
  • Connect to your phone apps: 55.9%
  • Contact insurance company in the event of an accident: 43.9%


Additional insights on consumer preferences related to vehicle connectivity and smart mobility assistance are included in the Urgently report, "The Upshift to Smart Mobility Assistance: Connected Vehicles & the Road to Proactive Assistance," which can be downloaded via this website.


We thank Auto Remarketing for reprint permission. 


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