Thursday, 20 May 2021 15:23

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck Revealed: America's EV

Written by Michael Cantu, Inside EVs



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When the Ford F-150 Lightning rolls off the production line next year, the electric truck won't be the first American EV, but it will be one of the most important ever produced.

Not only because it bears the name of one of the most successful vehicles in automotive history, the F-150, but because it's a pickup truck, the most popular vehicle in America.


The top three selling vehicles in America are trucks, and the F-150 has been at the top of that list for 44 years. In addition, the electric truck has a very reasonable starting price for an EV and is coming from a legacy automaker that's been building trucks for decades in America. 


The F-150 Lightning won't enter the market unrivaled; it will be entering the very new and very competitive electric truck segment. The Rivian R1T truck coming out this summer looks very promising but since it's a start-up company, it doesn't have brand loyalty like the Blue Oval does. The Tesla Cybertruck should also start production this year, but because of its extreme design, it doesn't appeal to some truck buyers.


Another American company, GMC, will also have an electric truck this year, but the Hummer EV is a six-figure vehicle. The majority of the population won't be able to afford it.


Comparing the real-world capability and sales of the above electric trucks will be interesting, but we have to wait until they are in production. 


4X4 and Super Crew for All


Thanks to the F-150 Lightning’s dual-motor layout---one on each axle---all models of the Lightning come with 4x4 (AWD since it's full-time and not selectable.)


The Super Crew cab with the short 5.5-foot bed will be the only configuration the Lightning is offered in. We don't know if...

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