Thursday, 06 May 2021 19:14

Edmunds Experts Offer Tips on Car Shopping During Chip Shortage


...do as much preparation and research as you can from home before setting foot in a dealership. Look up deals that automakers might be offering on leases or financing.


Use sites such as Edmunds to find inventory in your area and call to confirm that the car you want is available. And once you find what you want, be prepared to move quickly to make your purchase because there's no guarantee that the vehicle will be available for long.


Consider purchasing used.


Although demand is going up in the used car market as well, there are far more options available there than you'll find in the new market, and they'll come at a more affordable price. If you're concerned about the risks associated with buying used, a certified pre-owned vehicle might be a good compromise as it comes with a warranty and is generally newer with lower mileage.


Expand your search radius.


By expanding your online searches to include dealerships that are farther away, you have a better chance of finding the vehicle that you want. Some dealers will deliver your new vehicle to your door, so be sure to ask and you might be able to skip a big drive. If you expand your search to out-of-state, just be aware that you might have to pay additional taxes and fees.


Maximize the value of your trade-in.


Used car values are also at record highs right now, which means you could get more for your trade-in. Make sure to check...