Tuesday, 04 May 2021 09:30

CCC to Enable Digital Payments Between Insurers and Collision Repairers


...use their single connection to CCC to manage receipt of their insurer payments digitally," Callaghan continued. "CCC is excited to extend its digital capabilities to include payments, continuing to make good on the industry’s vision for straight-through processing.” 
CCC Payments is designed to allow insurers to enable any type of B2B digital payment across P&C lines. Recipients on the payment solution will only need to enter their payment information once with the processor to have it seamlessly, securely deployed across the CCC network, making it easy to activate payments at scale.


CCC Payments is designed to support straight-through processing and configurable workflows, allowing insurers to choose the level of automation for payment approvals. Additionally, both insurers and payees can receive payment notifications and status directly within their existing CCC environment. 
“CCC is proud to use its technology and connections to support more than $100 billion in commerce annually,” said Shivani Govil, CCC chief product officer. “Through our planned expansion in digital payments, CCC aims to extend our core capabilities and further advance the digitization of the P&C insurance economy. We expect CCC Payments will open up a new world of opportunities for our customers to improve their performance and the experiences they deliver to customers.” 
Learn more about CCC Payments here.


Source: CCC


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