Thursday, 29 April 2021 18:14

Chief Collision Technology Introduces First Mobile 3D Hail Damage Scanning System


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Chief Collision Technology has the collision industry covered this hail season with the introduction of the industry’s first mobile 3D hail damage scanning system.

The Constellation, a complete workflow system, tracks hail-damaged vehicles throughout the entire process from first notice of loss, through the claims process and finally to vehicle repair.


The system is now available for the 2021 hail season and gives insurance providers, collision shops and fleet managers a complete hail management repair solution.


After a major hail event, an insurance provider or dealership contacts Chief to request the Constellation system to its catastrophe event (CAT) site. The mobile system is deployed and can be set up quickly at any location within 24 to 48 hours and can accommodate everything from small passenger vehicles and SUVs to pickup trucks.
The automated and touchless system uses 3D technology to quickly scan the vehicle and identify, count and calculate the size of each hail dent. Then the system produces a record that can be used for estimating the cost to repair the vehicle.


“When we looked at the way the industry still manually handles hail damage, we saw an opportunity to develop a solution that is not only faster but far more accurate,” said Bob Finkle, brand manager with Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “Today, when an adjuster comes out to a CAT site, he/she tallies hail dents manually, often relying on ‘bucket’ estimating or reviewing half of the car’s hood for dents and then multiplying those findings by two. That leaves a lot of room for error.”
Since estimates are based on what the adjuster can see, often when the vehicle gets into a shop and under lights, technicians will find dents that were missed, requiring supplement estimates and additional work to be done.
With Constellation’s innovative technology, the system eliminates the need for an adjuster to manually review the damage. Within a matter of minutes, it delivers an exact count of hail dents with an accuracy rate of 90% or greater with no additional supplements needed.


Along with improved accuracy, the Constellation also...

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