Tuesday, 20 April 2021 17:35

AirPro Diagnostics Enters Exclusive Technology License Agreement with Auto Techcelerators, LLC


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AirPro Diagnostics and Auto Techcelerators, LLC on April 20 announced they have completed an exclusive technology licensing agreement allowing AirPro Diagnostics to integrate Auto Techcelerators’ ADAS, Calibration and Test Drive CoPilot™ technologies into its diagnostic and calibration services platform.

“After meeting with AirPro’s management team and seeing firsthand their existing and future diagnostic and calibration solutions, I was thoroughly impressed," said Frank Terlep, Auto Techcelerators co-founder and CEO. "I felt integrating our ADAS, Calibration and Test Drive CoPilot™ technologies with AirPro’s solutions would help AirPro Diagnostics create the industry’s most complete and advanced end-to-end ADAS diagnostic, calibration, documentation and validation solution.”


“Imagine everything from ADAS systems identification, calibration requirements, full OEM diagnostics and calibrations all in one workflow!” said Eric Newell, executive vice president of AirPro Diagnostics. “This further gives AirPro customers documentation, invoicing and detailed post-repair/calibration validation via an ADAS Dynamic Systems Verification, all housed in a single service and platform. Shops have requested an all-in-one platform and AirPro is delivering.”


Auto Techcelerators, LLC's mission is to help auto, collision, glass, insurers and calibration providers properly estimate, calibrate and validate ADAS repairs to ensure ADAS equipped vehicles operate as designed after a repair or calibration.


For more information on Auto Techcelerators, LLC and the entire CoPilot™ suite contact Terlep at 855-953-7483, via email at fterlep@autotechcelerators.com or visit www.autotechcelerators.com.


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