Monday, 19 April 2021 19:46

ABPA Introduces MyPartsChoice.com


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The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) announced the launch of its new website and consumer education portal, www.mypartschoice.com.

In a letter to members, Nick Scheid, ABPA board member and Marketing Committee chair, said the site was developed by the Marketing Committee over the last six months to provide information and facts to the consumers about collision repair, the process, the problems and their rights to ensure they are getting a quality and safe repair.


Scheid offered a special thank you to the ABPA Marketing Committee for their time and efforts in the project. Committee members include Galen Chen, Lynn Nguyen, Sean Kennedy and Ed Salamy.


"For those of us in the industry it is second nature as we eat, sleep and breath alternative parts," Scheid said. "We know all the games that car companies will play to prioritize their agenda while deflecting the issues to others. The goal of this website is to develop a place where consumers can look for answers about things they hear or learn during the repair process, while also presenting the positive aspects of alternative collision parts."


The website has been launched with some basic videos and supporting articles which will also be posted on ABPA's primary social media platforms to capture the consumers who are searching for information during the collision process.


"These people are already stressed by the collision and can be overwhelmed by the mistruths they get during the repair process when it comes to using alternative collision parts," Scheid said. "It is our goal to give them the facts."


It is also important to reach those consumers who are DIYers or collision repair shops that already support the industry to ensure they know how car companies are working diligently to eliminate alternative parts and, ultimately, their ability to repair their own vehicle or a customer’s vehicle economically with competitively priced parts.


"Ultimately this website was developed to...

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