Monday, 19 April 2021 18:26

CIF Announces National Coatings-Single Source as Annual Donor

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The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) is thrilled to announce National Coatings & Supplies/Single Source has joined the CIF Annual Donor Program at the highest level: a 1st RESPONDER with a $15,000 pledge.

The Annual Donor Program was designed to bring needed, recurring resources to CIF, so it can deliver on its mission to Answer the Call when those in the industry have been impacted by unforeseen catastrophic events.


“NCS/Single Source is very proud to be associated with such a caring and benevolent organization. The Collision Industry Foundation does great work in helping individuals and organizations---within our industry---in their time of hardship and need," said NCS/Single Source President and CEO John Leavy.


CIF provides emergency relief to collision repair professionals by securing and distributing donations to individuals who have experienced significant losses due to natural disasters or other devastating events. CIF depends solely on the generosity of donations to conduct its work.
The CIF Annual Donor Program offers five levels of annual funding options, each with a suite of benefits to donors throughout the calendar year. Visit www.collisionindustryfoundation.org to learn more about CIF, the Annual Donor levels and the corresponding benefits. All donations to CIF are tax deductible.
"Over the years, NCS/Single Source has been a steady supporter of CIF. We truly appreciate their donation and also helping us to spread the word about CIF’s mission for disaster relief assistance," said CIF trustee Kelly Broderick, with Sherwin-Williams.


Source: CIF

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