Thursday, 15 April 2021 22:51

Announcing ASKA, The Electric Take Off and Landing Flying Car for Consumers


...large SUV in drive mode, the ASKA is a performant road vehicle.


To easily transition to flight mode, ASKA lifts off vertically in a designated vertipad launch space---no need to travel to a special air terminal or wait in line with other travelers. As the wings open, ASKA transitions to smooth flight, programmed to the driver's destination.


After safely transitioning to a vertical landing in a vertipad, ASKA can be driven as a car or be parked in a standard parking lot, on the street or in a garage. Flying the vehicle will be made simple through semi-autonomous technologies, although pilot training will still be needed to operate ASKA in the air.


The FAA and EASA have moved ahead to certify street-legal conventional aircraft. ASKA's development and flight testing are being conducted in accordance with FAA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines for certification.


Dual type of power supply sources exist for optimal safety: each rotor has an independent battery power source plus a range extender power to ensure continued flight and a safe landing in the event of an emergency.


ASKA's full scale flight demonstrations will be taking place in 2022, and the company is part of NASA's Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign, along with Boeing, Bell and others; ASKA is the only consumer-oriented company in this group.  

"We have focused significantly on ASKA's safety elements, which include dual energy sources, large wings, large propellers, six-pack of batteries to ensure ASKA is as safe in the air as it is on the ground," said Guy Kaplinsky, co-founder and CEO, NFT, Inc. "We anticipate that flying cars that are accessible to the general public will be as instrumental in redefining how and where we live, as the original automobile was to the foundation of our country's highway and road systems."


"To build a better society and a better economy, we need better transportation solutions, and flying cars will be a part of that equation," said Maki Kaplinsky, co-founder and chair/COO, NFT Inc. 
To learn more about ASKA and for preordering information, visit www.askafly.com. The site also provides opening hours and directions to visit the ASKA showroom.


Source: NFT Inc.


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