Thursday, 15 April 2021 22:51

Announcing ASKA, The Electric Take Off and Landing Flying Car for Consumers


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NFT Inc. on April 15 announced it is now taking pre-orders for the ASKA, the first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle designed for consumers.

The company has also opened the world's first consumer flying car showroom. Located in Los Altos, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, the sales showroom features demonstration models of the ASKA and also functions as a learning center about urban air mobility.


ASKA is a new door-to-door mobility option offering the freedom to choose to travel on the road or in the air. The four-seater ASKA drives on the road like a car, capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), as well as short takeoff and landing (STOL), and flies like an aircraft.

This private commuter vehicle enables people to live in a quality environment outside urban areas and to quickly and easily commute to the city center---door to door.


A special limited edition of ASKA is now available for preorder and priced at $789,000. Interested buyers can register at ASKA's website to start the sales process and to place a $5,000 deposit to secure their place on the preorder list.


The deposit will be held in an escrow account and is fully refundable. Customers placing pre-orders will also be granted one option of share equity if eligibility requirements are met to comply with securities laws.


VIP services included in pricing are pilot license training, customized interior/exterior design and a personalized license plate. The ASKA is targeted for delivery in 2026, pending standard regulatory approval and certification.


ASKA represents a new dimension of innovation that delivers optimal structural performance and integrity. The revolutionary aerodynamic design (patent pending) enables ASKA to provide an excellent driving experience on the road and fly safely and efficiently in the air.


The initial limited model of ASKA has a flight range of up to 250 miles powered by electric motors, and is equipped with a range extender as a redundant safety system. Full electric system architecture of ASKA enables future models to convert range extenders to any other energy source such as hydrogen.


People can board ASKA at their home, on the street or in a parking lot, and drive it like a regular car. The size of a...

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