Tuesday, 13 April 2021 21:50

Retyrn Joins CIECA

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Retyrn, a consumer-facing accident reporting company established in 2019 and based in Palo Alto, CA, recently became a CIECA member.

Retyrn recently launched a mobile app, called Retyrn, that will employ CIECA standards on an upcoming new release of their app. The platform allows consumers to report First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and can be accessed on any smart device.   


Myles Long, Retyrn’s project leader, said the team consists of experts in the technology, digital marketing and claims industries.   


“When setting up the business, market research involving body shops led to the discovery of CIECA,” said Long. “We saw CIECA as a leader in the SaaS (Software as a service) product market space.”  
Long said the volume of the things CIECA is doing and the integrity of the standards are something that very much attracted Retyrn to join the organization. The team is looking forward to learning more about CIECA and getting involved.    


“As far as the standards and their importance, we felt the foundation that CIECA has built is really a trusted processor of information that works for all of the industry segments,” said Long. “It gives us and will give our clients a much-needed trust to report their accidents on our platform.”   

For more information about Retyrn, visit www.retyrn.com.


Source: CIECA

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