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'Who Pays for What' Survey: Changes in Shop Scanning Methods, Billing Practices for Subscription Fees

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...a single-day access for $45, or an annual subscription for $1,800. BMW’s daily rate is $30, or $2,500 for the year.


In 2019, 57% of shops said they had never passed along a charge for these subscription fees. A year later, that had dropped to 51%. About one in five shops said they always, or almost always, seek reimbursement for their costs to access the OEM repair information; another 27% say they seek reimbursement, but only when they need to access information for a manufacturer whose information they do not have an annual subscription for already.


As the time spent to research OEM information increases, a small but growing percentage of shops have an employee whose primary job responsibility is to research OEM repair procedures. In 2020, 8% of shops said they employ such a person, up from 5% in 2019.


“None of these costs are included in the estimating labor times,” Anderson said. “Clearly, an increasing number of shops are getting reimbursed for these added expenses by adding a line item charge on their estimates or invoices.”


The second quarter “Who Pays for What?” survey focuses on billing and payment practices related to not-included body labor procedures. The survey, along with access to findings from past surveys, can be found here.


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