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I-CAR Supports CREF’s Efforts to Address Talent Crisis in Collision Repair Industry

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...participating in an apprenticeship program---reaps major benefits for the schools and the students. Proof of this can be seen in the work of the I-CAR committees.”


I-CAR believes local engagement with schools and students is so important, many of their committee goals are related to these efforts. Committees are encouraged to get involved with school advisory boards, the Adopt-a-School program, host or attend a local career fair, and collaborate with CREF to hold a fundraising event to benefit a local school.


“As the I-CAR Field Sales team became immersed in the career and technical school segment, we realized the impact that some of our committees have with schools in different markets," said I-CAR Director of Field Sales Terry Ticel. "The more we engaged with these schools, we found that an opportunity existed for us to do a lot more with and for them. Already participating with CREF in many events, we sought to fortify our connection and collaboration.


"Many of our committees were already involved heavily with schools and CREF, yielding significant results. Based on those results, we wanted to make our participation more robust across the country.


“Our committees love the school participation and we found it fitting to align the I-CAR Committees goals to support CREF’s initiatives and outreach to help do our part in improving the talent crisis across the collision industry," Ticel continued. "Our alignment surrounding participating in the Adopt-a-School program, fundraising events and advisory board participation allows us to work closer with CREF and support their efforts, while being visible in the schools and support the industry.


“This allows industry experts to provide students and instructors with insight into what the collision repair industry is truly seeking in entry-level technicians. That connection and communication is so important for these students’ success, and their success will be the industry’s future success.”


Schools are desperate for support and collaboration from the collision repair industry to ensure...

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