Tuesday, 06 April 2021 20:50

Supreme Court Affirms Ability of Industry to Build Replacement Parts Compatible with OE Software

Written by Camille Sheehan, Auto Care Association


...leverage copyright to bar independent competition for replacement parts and repair services,” the brief states.


The Auto Care Association’s brief urged the Supreme Court not to permit copyright protection “to API-declaring code that specifies the data and functions necessary to interoperability.” 


“It is clear from the decision that the court understood the implications of permitting companies to copyright APIs in order to prevent lawful development of compatible replacement parts and to perform vehicle repairs,” said Lowe. “We appreciate the court’s understanding of the impact on competition of software copyright issues.”


View the Auto Care Association’s full amicus brief here.


For more information, contact Aaron Lowe at aaron.lowe@autocare.org.


Source: Auto Care Association


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