Tuesday, 06 April 2021 20:13

Automakers Could Make 1.3 Million Fewer Vehicles Because of Semiconductor Shortage

Written by Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press


...an even more significant impact to United States auto production than was projected in previous surveys."


As part of his letter, Bozzella also urged some portion of funding be used to boost the domestic production of semiconductors dedicated to making those used in automobiles. 


"This could be accomplished by, for example, specifying that a particular percentage---that is reasonably based on the projected needs of the auto industry---be allocated for facilities that will support the production of auto grade chips in some manner," he said.


Early this year, Congress passed legislation allowing for funds to be used to incentivize manufacturing but the money hasn't been appropriated yet.

Biden has called for $37 billion to be committed to boosting semiconductor production.


We thank the Detroit Free Press for reprint permission. 


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