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Farmers Insurance Finds More Than Half of Drivers Admit to Using Cell Phones While Behind the Wheel


...hands-free calling and voice texting can still be a distraction while you're on the road. If you find it helpful, use an app to silence phone calls and texts when you're behind the wheel.


Multitask later: The last place you should be multitasking is behind the wheel of a car. Avoid eating, glancing at your calendar, searching for dropped items or anything else that can take your attention away from the road.


Chat light: Take a cue from the 33% of those surveyed who believe that talking to passengers, including those in the back seat, poses a danger to others on the road. Save serious conversations and important news with passengers for when you're off the road. Instead, keep the chatter light so you can focus on the road ahead.


Buckle up children and pets: Make sure children and pets are properly secured in their seats before starting the ignition. In many cases, the safest place for your children and four-legged passengers is in the back seat of the car.


Park it: Always pull over and park in a safe place before adjusting controls in your car, tending to a pet or child, sending a text or talking on your phone.


Get an app for that: Consider downloading an app that rewards you for focused driving behaviors, like Signal from Farmers.


Households who enroll in Signal will automatically have access to CrashAssist. A Signal discount is also available in some states. For more information, click here.


Source: Farmers Insurance


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