Thursday, 01 April 2021 17:23

U.S. Auto Industry Pushes Biden to Move Forward with EV Adoption Plan

Written by Steven Loveday, Inside EVs


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Large automakers, related companies and the United Auto Workers (UAW) made specific requests to the Biden Administration recently in a six-page letter.

The letter, dated March 29, asked for a push forward related to tax credits and incentives for the future of the EV industry.


President Joe Biden has been talking about his $3 trillion infrastructure plan, which aims to speed up EV adoption in the U.S. by pulling a number of levers. If the plan plays out as proposed, it will include electric car tax credits, EV charging infrastructure build-out and much more.


According to Reuters, via Autoblog:


"As a candidate, Biden pledged to invest $2 trillion in infrastructure spending, including fixing highways, bridges and airports; encouraging fuel-efficient vehicle manufacturing; and installing 500,000 EV charging stations. The letter noted there are currently 100,000 public charging outlets nationwide."


With several automakers officially announcing plans to go "all in" on EVs, Biden's plan, if passed, will help alleviate their previous apprehension.


It has been proven for years that electric cars are difficult and expensive to produce. Legacy automakers fear losses going forward; with the help of the federal government, it could be a huge win-win situation in the future.


The letter points out there are 278 million passenger vehicles currently registered on our shores. Only 1.5 million are electric cars. EVs account for only 2% of vehicle sales in the U.S. today. 


"To fully transition is going to require...

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