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‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds More Than Half of Shops Paid Regularly to Mask Engine Compartment


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When Collision Advice and CRASH Network conducted their first “Who Pays for What?” survey in 2015, only about one-third of shops said they were paid “always” or “most of the time” by the eight largest insurers for the labor necessary to mask a vehicle’s engine compartment when it was needed as part of refinishing.

Since then, that figure has climbed 16 percentage points, with more than half---51%---of the more than 500 shops responding to the question in January of this year reporting they are being paid regularly for that labor operation.


“I think our surveys have helped raise shops’ awareness of not-included procedures they may be doing without making an informed decision as to whether it’s something they will charge for,” said Mike Anderson of Collision Advice.


The survey in January offered other indications more shops have become aware that estimating system labor allowances do not include time to apply masking to protect the inner area and bolted-on items during refinishing within the engine compartment. This is often necessary following repair or replacement of core supports, aprons, frame rails, firewalls, etc.


In 2015, 36% of shops acknowledged they had never sought to be paid for that operation; this year, just 25% of survey respondents said that.


Shops may have become better at explaining and documenting the need to mask the engine compartment because among those shops that bill for that labor, only 1 in 5 said they are never paid for it; double that percentage said that six years ago.


“Just completing the survey can be a good reminder of a couple dozen such procedures, and the survey report we produce with the findings can be a good training tool for shop staff,” Anderson said.


The latest quarterly “Who Pays for What?” survey is now open through...

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