Monday, 29 March 2021 11:54

ASE Launches Newly Redesigned Website


Students & Instructors:


  • Instructors will discover how ASE educational initiatives, partnerships and career development resources help improve instruction for future automotive service professionals.
  • Students can get started on their pathway to a career in automotive service by earning the ASE Entry-Level Certification.
  • A five-step process walks instructors through the process of obtaining accreditation for their school’s automotive educational program.




  • Understand how ASE’s rigorous testing and certification process demands the knowledge and expertise of the technicians, thus ensuring peace of mind for the consumer.
  • Find a Blue Seal of Excellence nearby shop where a large percentage of the technicians are ASE Certified professionals.


“The new ASE website makes the test-taking and certification process much more user-friendly,” said Zilke. “Throughout the development phase, we sought feedback to ensure that the site meets the needs of our constituents and received invaluable input from professional service technicians, students and instructors on how we could best meet their needs.”


Source: ASE


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