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Audi Just Halted Development of New Combustion Engines

Written by Brad Bergan, Interesting Engineering
Audi Just Halted Development of New Combustion Engines hamikus/iStock


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Audi just halted the development of new combustion engines, according to an interview with CEO Markus Duesmann in a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAS) report.

This decision came in response to the European Union's (E.U.'s) plans for a more rigid Euro 7 emissions standard.


"We will no longer develop a new combustion engine, but will adapt our existing combustion engines to new emission guidelines," said Duesmann in the FAS report. The Euro 7 standard appears to be a "technically huge challenge with at the same time little benefit for the environment," added the CEO.


"This places extreme restrictions on the internal combustion engine," added Duesmann.


Duesmann didn't say when Audi would sell its final new car housing an internal combustion engine. But the Audi CEO pointed to global regions where energy supply and charging infrastructure are underdeveloped during the FAS interview.


In light of these regions, Audi will continue selling combustion engines for several years, but will develop no further generations of gas or diesel engines.


This puts Audi on a similar road to its rival auto manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. Recently, Markus Schäfer, a board member accountable for Mercedes' development, said his company will also develop no more combustion engines.


"This means that the bulk of the investments can now really go into electromobility," said Schäfer to Handelsblatt, according to an Electrive report.


Audi plans to follow the same path, offering 20 all-electric vehicles in the next five years. Taking a cue from its parent company Volkswagen's MEB, Audi hopes the Q4 e-tron will bring in new customer groups---since the large SUV e-tron and the Taycan-inspired e-tron GT were released.


Audi intends the Q4 e-tron to be...

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