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Major Challenges Facing the All-Electric Vehicle Revolution

Written by Brad Bergan, Interesting Engineering
Major Challenges Facing the All-Electric Vehicle Revolution Steve Jurvetson/Flickr


...diversify its future all-electric suite of vehicles, but this substantial shift will move the automaker closer to organizations and stakeholders invested in charging networks expansions---in addition to helping consumers achieve a better understanding of the value and changes associated with sustainable vehicles.


The fossil fuel infrastructure of the world wasn't crafted by the hands of automakers alone, and they won't single-handedly bring us to the all-electric future widely hailed by Tesla enthusiasts around the world either.


This is why it's a great time for heavy-hitting fossil fuel corporations to jump on the sustainable bandwagon, before conventional combustion engines begin to phase out in the coming decades.


Shell recently announced plans to build 500,000 electric charging stations within four years. This serves as one of the biggest signs that EV charging infrastructure is nearing full stride, as investors pour more and more cash into the budding next-gen industry.


While it will take decades for the entire automotive industry to overcome the challenges of designing, building and rolling out new fleets of all-electric vehicles, chances are high the requisite EV infrastructure of charging stations will be ready well before the 2050 deadline.


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