Friday, 19 February 2021 17:14

Automotive Content Professionals Network Launches ACPN Pipeline

Written by Camille Sheehan

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The Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN), a community of the Auto Care Association (ACA), on Feb. 18 announced the launch of its new virtual platform, the ACPN Pipeline.

The Pipeline platform, hosted in the ACA’s Auto Care Digital Hub, will provide the ACPN community with access to year-round educational content from industry thought leaders and the ability to stay connected with one another.


Despite COVID-19’s impact on everyone over the past year, the ACPN Committee collaborated to develop this new offering to the ACPN community.


“As ACPN chairman, I observed a disconnect between ACPN and our community---a disconnect that grew in size as COVID-19 began to take hold of our lives,” said Eric Lough, ACPN chairman. “I knew that we could have a positive impact on our industry if we found a way to educate, inspire and connect with our community more than just once a year.


"The Pipeline is how we delivered on the initiative to impact our community. It’s a way to keep the conversation going and the ideas flowing so that when we can all finally be together, we’re going to have a lot to talk about."


The ACPN Pipeline is available free to ACA member companies only.


To access the ACPN Pipeline in Auto Care Digital Hub, visit the ACPN website.


To stay up-to-date with the latest releases of content, subscribe to the ACPN Newsletter.


Have ideas for new content or would like to be a guest speaker? Contact acpn@autocare.org.


Source: Auto Care Association