Tuesday, 16 February 2021 20:23

Jaguar Will Become Fully Electric by 2025, Autocar Says

Written by Gustavo Henrique Ruffo, Inside EVs


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In August 2018, Jaguar Land Rover announced it would have only two car platforms: MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) and PTA (Premium Transverse Architecture.)

Only three years later, the company has changed its plans. According to Autocar, Jaguar will only sell EVs from 2025 on, built over an exclusive electric platform.


Land Rover will still have only two platforms, but the PTA is dead, and it will be replaced with EMA (Electric Modular Architecture.) Curiously, both of them will accept hybrid powertrains.


Considering PTA was destined for vehicles with transversal engines, it is safe to say EMA will be destined for more affordable vehicles from the brand, such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Perhaps EMA is just a renamed PTA.


The first fully-electric Land Rover should arrive in 2024.


Jaguar, on the other hand, will not have electrified combustion-engine offerings. The company will embrace battery packs, and it will not discontinue any current product, which can only mean all of them will become fully electric. 


Autocar mentions Land Rover “will launch six pure electric vehicles, with EV variants of five.” That does not make sense, but it was probably due to the rush in publishing the article.


That said, we are not sure if there will be...

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