Wednesday, 10 February 2021 08:17

Assured Performance's RepairDOC Now Automates Comprehensive Documentation for Certified Repairs


...data integration, with existing systems to auto-populate the system-generated final invoice following blockchain technology principles.


RepairDOC, which focuses on documentation, is not an estimating or price negotiation tool. The agreed-upon price of the final repair is unbuckled from the documentation and remains unchanged.


The benefit is an invoice that can serve as evidence to protect the repairer, technician, insurer and all other related or necessary parties. Another major benefit is repair data will be far more accurate over time, critical for benchmarking and key performance analysis (KPI).


To make the documentation process thorough yet quick and easy, RepairDOC leverages API data integration with all other touchpoints, including IPs, parts procurement, training history, scan data, etc. The critical data is auto-populated, requiring very little manual entry. Technicians even have a smart app they use to document their work.


As an added benefit and value, when the documented “proof” meets the required criteria, the repair will automatically qualify as a “certified repair” for that specific vehicle through the Assured Performance system. According to research, a “certified repair” represents a far greater perceived value for consumers and creates confidence in vehicle value retention.


Assured Performance’s comprehensive network of nearly 3,000 certified repair providers now has full access and use of the new invoice-generating system provided through their ShopOps web portal.


“A fully-documented certified repair invoice addresses some of the most critical issues exposed during the John Eagle case by providing proof of how the repair was performed,” said Scott Biggs, founder and board chairman. “This enhancement is essential for liability and enhancing consumer confidence, as well as repair integrity, data accuracy and the ability to offer a ‘certified repair.’”


Source: Assured Performance


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