Wednesday, 10 February 2021 16:17

Assured Performance's RepairDOC Now Automates Comprehensive Documentation for Certified Repairs


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Assured Performance, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization and certifying entity for the collision repair industry, announced Feb. 9 the introduction of “fully documented invoicing,” a new critical feature and function of its patent pending web application, RepairDOC.

Now, vehicle owners and their insurers can receive a transparent and fully documented invoice that is system-generated and largely automated.


The final invoice, generated through RepairDOC, includes electronic proof of the key components of the repair: where it was repaired, how, with what, by whom and if the vehicle was fully functional upon delivery, via scan code reports.

Assured Performance said documented invoicing is essential for all parties to address several major issues including quality, accountability and liability exposure.


Traditional estimating practices are filled with cost-shifting repair and part substitutions that create severe inaccuracy, leaving the repairer and all related parties exposed to liability, without the ability to prove that a proper repair was performed.


Many of these issues have become paramount since the John Eagle lawsuit settlement in October 2017. However, despite the serious consequences of that lawsuit, few changes have been made to the claims and repair process as a result.


To compound the legacy issues, use of photo- and code-generated estimation exposes an even greater challenge to validate the actual damage and repair.


The fully documented invoice system, RepairDOC, addresses these issues. Automated data validation makes the documentation process easy and efficient. RepairDOC relies heavily on...

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