Tuesday, 09 February 2021 18:41

Most Dealers and Consumers Unaffected by Chip Shortage, So Far


...ample supplies and not to be the biggest sellers.


They are also in lower price ranges, which have been less popular during the pandemic recession as people with money are in the market buying SUVs and pickup trucks. With their lower prices, the models affected are not the ones that generate big profits for automakers and their dealers.


According to a Cox Automotive analysis of Auto Available Inventory data for mid-January:


  • The average days’ supply of the models affected stood at 85, well above the national average of 62 in the same week.
  • The nameplates affected represented about 27% of all available supply, or 736,184 vehicles.
  • The nameplates represented about 19% of all sales made in the previous 30 days, or 258,552 vehicles.
  • The average listing price of the vehicles affected was $34,203, well below the national average of $40,776, because more lower-cost models were affected.


Source: Cox Automotive


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