Monday, 01 February 2021 16:17

Certified Collision Group Announces 24 New Locations

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Certified Collision Group (CCG), the OE certifications and KPI-focused solutions provider to the collision repair and insurance communities, announced Jan. 31 the addition of 24 new locations in the first month of 2021.

“With the coming of the new year, CCG is very mindful of the increasing challenges facing repairers nationwide,” said Marty Evans, CCG’s CCO. “We are also acutely aware that the highly reputable, OE certified, customer-focused independent operator is vital for consumers; CCG will keep leveling the playing field for those operators so they can compete.”


These 24 new locations are located in five states---North Carolina, Penssylvania, Virgina, South Carlina and Wisconsin. CCG now operates in 39 states with more than 550 locations and 50 vendor provider partners.


The focus remains providing the insurance community with a sustainable alternative that is differentiated by 2500+ OEM badges and the very best KPI results.


“The extraordinary support of our vendor providers and insurance partners allows us to continue delivering stability and long-term profitability to our best-in-class independent affiliates," Evans continued. "We remain bullish on opportunity as we expand our internal team and infrastructure to maintain our position and outperform the marketplace.”


Source: Certified Collision Group

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