Friday, 29 January 2021 19:35

Biden's EV Revolution: A Boon for Electric Trucks and Tesla Semi


...electrification with current battery technology. There are plenty of lower daily range applications; low-hanging fruit that mean long haul is not a necessity for market growth in the short term.


Swedish heavy-duty truck and bus manufacturer Scania's recent forecasts highlight how quickly the market is progressing around the world. By 2025, Scania expects 10% of its total vehicle sales will be electric vehicles, rising to 50% of sales by 2030. 


With this pace of change, manufacturers and parts suppliers not already making strong plans to transition to zero-emission powertrains are likely to find themselves left behind.      


IDTechEx's report is intended to help businesses across the automotive value chain plan for the future in this changing market. The report provides detail about industry efforts to commercialize zero-emission trucks; background to electric truck technologies, including fuel cells and electric hybridization; and discussion of key enabling technologies for electric truck deployment such as batteries, motors and charging infrastructure.


This report forms part of the broader electric vehicle and energy storage research from IDTechEx, which tracks the adoption of electric vehicles, battery trends and demand across more than 100 different mobility sectors.


This is summarized in a master report. For further in-depth analysis, see the full portfolio of electric vehicle research available from IDTechEx.  


Source: IDTechEx


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