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American Honda Introduces 2022 MDX Body Repair Information

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American Honda on Jan. 29 issued its latest Body Repair News Bulletin covering the 2022 Acura MDX.

The new MDX body construction features include:


  • Next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure
  • Body construction using high-strength steel and advanced high-strength steel
  • Aluminum hood panel, front fender, front damper housing and front and rear bumper beams for weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency
  • 1,500 MPa inner and outer door stiffener rings


Because the fenders are aluminum, American Honda cautions technicians to always use insulation clips when attaching a new fender to prevent galvanic corrosion from occurring.


Also noted is the die cast aluminum front damper housing which comes only as a complete assembly.


American Honda recommends referencing these areas in the MDX Body Repair Manual for additional information:


  • Precautions for Replacing Aluminum Die Cast Parts
  • Front Side Frame, Front End Parts Replacement
  • Front Wheelhouse/Damper Housing Replacement * Front Side Frame Replacement


The outer stiffener D-ring panel is made from...

...1,500 MPa steel and as such, no repairs are allowed. A complete replacement is necessary.


The roof panel is comprised of a six-piece, tailor-welded roof for optimized weight and rigidity. In addition, the panoramic roof glass openings are roll-hemmed. A combination of welding and use of adhesives and mechanical fasteners are required for replacement.


This publication is now available online at techinfo.honda.com. It contains a summary of new body and vehicle technologies that may affect collision and other body repairs.


Always refer to the service information and body repair manual (BRM) for complete repair information. A subscription may be purchased at techinfo.honda.com


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