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Some Shops Say COVID Sanitation Fees Being Denied

Written by Tara Taffera, glassBYTEs.com


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Augie DeFeo wants to know why GEICO is suddenly denying the $25 reimbursement for COVID sanitizing even though cases continue to soar.

“GEICO has consistently been paying a standard fee of $25 per job for cleaning/sanitizing the vehicle,” said DeFeo, the founder and CEO at Competition Glass in Port, Washington, NY. “As of recently, this service charge is being denied for GEICO on the SGC referral website. There has been no communication to us that this is no longer authorized.”


GlassBYTEs reached out to other shops to find out if they are having the same issues, and the answers point to inconsistent policies.


For instance, while DeFeo’s invoice item is denied, Peter Brown, president of Tiny and Sons Auto Glass in Pembroke, MA, said GEICO is paying the fee for his company.


“We receive $25 per car,” said Brown. “As long as I get pre-approval for the product I am asking for I get paid.”


But DeFeo said he always submits for pre-approval as well, yet his are no longer being paid. He doesn’t have the same issue with other insurers such as State Farm.


deFeo provided glassBYTEs with a copy of a letter, dated April 15, 2020, from State Farm which says, “We have received several inquiries regarding charges for cleaning of vehicles related to COVID-19. State Farm will allow up to one hour at your body labor rate for cleaning of the vehicle. We will also allow up to $25 for cleaning supplies. Any such charge should be listed on the estimate as COVID-19 cleaning.”


The letter went on to say, “We plan to continue to accept these charges on your final bills consistent with the Federal government directives related to social distancing and will continue to monitor as activity in the marketplace evolves.”


Not only are there inconsistencies with GEICO, but...

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