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Move Over VW, Toyota Is World’s Best-Selling Automaker Again

Written by Anthony Alaniz, Motor1.com
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Ford may claim the title of having the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., though that’s just one model in one market.

The automotive industry is global, and the battle between the world’s largest, best-selling automakers took a turn in 2020.


Automotive News is reporting Toyota has reclaimed the title of the world’s best-selling brand, usurping VW Group from a spot it’s held for the last five years.


The coronavirus pandemic has indeed upended a year that many had predicted would have been gangbusters for automakers. However, the emergence of the virus had dealerships and factories closing to help slow the spread.


That saw automakers take massive hits, including VW and Toyota, though it affected one more than the other.


Volkswagen Group sales, which include Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and more, fell 15% to 9.31 million cars sold, while Toyota’s only toppled by 11%. The Japanese automaker was still able to sell some 9.53 million vehicles last year despite the virus.


In 2019, VW held a slight lead over Toyota---10.97 million to 10.75 million---and the German conglomerate is expected to reclaim the best-selling automaker title again in 2021.


However, it could be a short-lived success. Automotive News’ report notes IHS Markit research shows...

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