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DCR Systems Launches Licensing Model, Signs First Company

Keeler Motor Car Company’s Mercedes-Benz dealership. Keeler Motor Car Company’s Mercedes-Benz dealership.


...just made too much sense not to do,” Verdi said.


“With the growing complexity of vehicles, the need for higher quality OEM-driven repairs is even greater,” said Bowman. “Through our success and growth, our goal is that more people will look toward this model and start to adopt it on a more widespread level.”


One of the unique features of the DCR Systems’ model, according to Boswell, is that it includes the process of how to repair a customer’s vehicle and ensure it is flowing through the shop in the proper sequence while having quality verification built into the process.


“As a result, technicians can fly across the country or go into a shop across town and they are able to walk in and start working immediately because all of the tools, visuals and processes are in place,” she said.


Bowman said the team is looking forward to the collaboration that will come from the relationship with DCR Systems.


“We are not immune to hardships and challenges, but having the additional support of DCR turns each new challenge into an opportunity for improvement and making the whole network stronger,” he said.


As a result, the company has positioned itself to grow and cultivate its local market to have six to eight centers in five years.


“With the DCR Systems area development agreement, we will be in the perfect position to satisfy the need for dealer partners in southern Vermont, Eastern New York, Western Massachusetts and Connecticut,” added Bowman.


“For former operators who are looking to get back into the business and others who would like to open a collision shop, our model makes it easy for them,” said Boswell.


“We are a courageous company and aren’t afraid to think outside of the box,” said Giarrizzo. “We are excited to be able to share our knowledge with great operators in the industry, like the team at Keeler, and allow them to execute it as well.”


For more information about the DCR System’s licensing model, visit the website or email Michael Giarrizzo at mgiarrizzo@dcrsystems.net.


Source: DCR Systems


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