Wednesday, 27 January 2021 16:52

DCR Systems Launches Licensing Model, Signs First Company

Keeler Motor Car Company’s Mercedes-Benz dealership. Keeler Motor Car Company’s Mercedes-Benz dealership.


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DCR Systems has announced Keeler Motor Car Company, based in Latham, NY, is the first company to sign a licensing agreement that provides access to DCR Systems’ full turnkey operating model.

It is expected to accelerate the re-launch and future expansion of Keeler Collision, LLC.


“DCR Systems has been an industry leader in changing the way collision repair has been done for decades and this is the first time we are licensing our world-class and proprietary operating model,” said Michael Giarrizzo, president and CEO of DCR Systems, based in Ohio. “Business owners will now have the opportunity to take advantage of a truly integrated process that includes extensive training and support while running their own facilities.”


The DCR Systems team is currently helping in the design and layout of Keeler’s new facility.


“We’re very excited to work with Keeler Motor Car Company,” said Cheryl Boswell, CFO of DCR Systems. “Everybody on their team is very forward-thinking, process-centered and detail-oriented. They are an inspiring group and I think they are going to do great things in terms of working with us with the DCR model.”


Founded in 2004, DCR Systems uses a collision repair model operated by DCR team members and co-branded with the auto dealer. The company operates nine production cells in four states---Ohio, New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts.


Under the area development license, a franchise-like agreement, licensees will receive full access to the proprietary DCR process and intellectual property. This includes guidelines for facility layout and design, staffing and compensation plans, exclusive equipment and vendor lists, and a proprietary claims portal. In addition, they will have access to the DCR app with all of the processes and people development materials.

“Every day, we move more toward an OE-driven world in this industry,” said Giarrizzo. “By being branded with the dealer, we’re providing an opportunity for dealers to be in the business in a very forward-thinking way with little risk, while providing a quality-driven process guided by the manufacturer.”


“We’ve done a lot of research and development over the last 16 years to refine our processes and we continually improve how we operate,” said Boswell. “We’ve already done all of the hard work and heavy lifting so...

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