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CIECAST Prepares Collision Repairers for the EV Revolution

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As electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent---the Edison Electric Institute anticipates 18.7 million EVs will be on the road by 2030---how will these vehicles impact the collision repair industry in general and your shop specifically? How can you prepare?

General MotorsJohn Eck, Chris Evans from State Farm, and Pete Tagliapietra of NuGen IT, an OEC company, answered these questions and more Jan. 26 during CIECAST: Preparing for the EV Revolution, moderated by CIECA Executive Director Paul Barry.


Eck, collision manager of GM’s customer care & aftersales wholesale dealer channel, began by discussing some of the opportunities EVs create for vehicle manufacturers, such as the ability to work on new technology and an opportunity for diversification across the industry.


“The build of the [electric] vehicle is different, and though the impact may not be as severe structurally, it shouldn’t be very dissimilar to what [collision repairers] currently see," Eck said.


“As long as shops follow the OEM repair procedures and safety protocols, repairers should be able to handle EV repair,” Eck emphasized. “OEs know the vehicles better than anyone---we design, engineer and manufacture the vehicle. Regardless of severity, follow the OEM procedures without exception to ensure the vehicles are safe.”


Barry asked about possible changes in the way OEMs communicate with the collision industry regarding repair standards.


“We need to make it easier for repairers to access; we want to work with the industry to ensure they can repair these vehicles safely," Eck said. "We are exploring better and deeper integration of our content into the workflow process through a variety of means to make the process easier.”


Eck also advocates for improved collaboration among OEMs, insurers and repairers, pointing out the many shared metrics as well as the shared consumer everyone wants to serve.


Next, Evans, P&C claim consultant for State Farm Insurance Companies, shared projections that 20% to 30% of new cars on the road will be an EV by 2030, noting State Farm has seen the number of EVs they insure quadruple since 2018.


“The market is signaling growth,” he said.


“From a claims standpoint, we’ve noticed an interesting dynamic with EVs,” Evans added. “Unlike most collisions where the front impact is damaged most frequently...

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