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2020 Collision Year in Review by Focus Advisors


...service, repair and replacement data across 2,800 aftermarket locations.


Driven is aggressively adding more new franchisees at CARSTAR and Fix even as some of its larger network MSOs are being acquired by Caliber and Gerber. Driven has filed an S-1 in anticipation of an IPO in the first quarter of 2021.


CSN, with a 200-shop network in Canada, acquired the 40-shop U.S. network Collision1 as its platform for entering the U.S. market.


Southern California-based Certified Collision Group continued its affiliate growth with more than 550 shops by year end.


And Fix World is entering the U.S. franchise market with the ProColor brand, acquired in 2019 from FinishMaster. With 172 ProColor shops in Canada, Fix World expects the brand to make U.S. inroads among single shops that continue to search for a value-added home in a consolidating industry.


Super-Regionals Flex Growth Muscles


Building on its recapitalization by New Mountain Capital, Classic Collision grew from 24 shops in January to 57 shops by year end. Led by an aggressive team of ex-ABRA executives, Classic acquired 23 additional shops, including seven-shop California platform Pride Auto Body, as well as multiple locations across its primary markets in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.


Illinois-based Crash Champions launched its own entry into California by acquiring the largest platform in the state, Pacific Elite, with 23 shops in early January. During the rest of 2020, they acquired eight midwestern shops, as well as Fountain Valley Bodyworks, with two Southern California shops, in October.


Closing out the year with four more shops netted, Crash Champions had a total of 52 shops at year end. Backed by A&M Capital, Crash is now the sixth-largest operation in the U.S. after the Big Three, Joe Hudson's and Classic Collision.


Joe Hudson’s continued it quiet growth under the radar. Now with more than 115 shops, it continues to build up its management team under new owner TSG Consumer Partners.


Backed by private equity firm KinderHook Industries, which also owns asTech, ProCare Collision was judicious in its growth during 2020. It acquired...

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