Monday, 25 January 2021 18:37

Cox Automotive Debuts Complete Retail Experience


...complete more deals for potential higher gross profits in less time, by simplifying management and processes throughout.


  • Shoppers are six times more likely to submit leads.
  • Leads convert at 30% higher close rate.
  • Sales close with 26% higher gross profits per deal.


"It is significant that Complete Retail carries the Cox Automotive brand because it provides all our clients---consumers, retailers, lenders and OEMs---with flexible tools and a customized approach to shopping, sales and operations," added Wittman.


By connecting the retail experience from the start of a deal, to working the deal, to signing and closing the deal, consumers and retailers finally have a suite of tools that can personalize offers, predict readiness to buy and complete the transaction without having to restart, re-enter data or retrace steps.


For more information on Cox Automotive Complete Retail, register to attend or view on-demand session at the Cox Automotive Experience at www.coxautoinc.com/experience/agenda.


Source: Cox Automotive


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