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AirPro, Car ADAS Solutions Partner to Deliver End to End ADAS Calibration Solution for Repairers


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AirPro Diagnostics and Car ADAS Solutions announced Jan. 12 the establishment of a collaboration to deliver turn-key calibration solutions for shops to include set-up, training, implementation, support and validation of calibration services. 

Whether shops want to become a retail calibration center or calibrate the vehicles they currently repair, this partnership will deliver for collision repairers all across the U.S. and Canada.   


While ADAS technology and properly repairing and calibrating vehicles has been a growing concern for the industry, AirPro and Car ADAS Solutions are the first in the industry to provide a complete solution for repairers to properly perform calibrations in-house. 


“AirPro is in the business of enabling shops to properly repair vehicles. This venture with Car ADAS Solutions is another way to accomplish that,” said Eric Newell, executive vice president of business development for AirPro.  “We will  continue to align with companies to ensure AirPro shops have the tools, equipment and know-how to properly service vehicles."


Together, AirPro and Car ADAS Solutions will assist shops in becoming ADAS calibration experts, by providing training and a network of experts to continuously support them along the way. As a result of this collaboration, AirPro will be the first remote diagnostics provider to offer a start to finish solution for ADAS calibrations to the industry as a whole.  


“This collaboration capitalizes on the innovations and expertise of both industry leaders," said Greg Peeters, Car ADAS CEO and founder. "ADAS technology affects an exponentially larger percentage of vehicles repaired each year and the repair industry is struggling with how to service those vehicles.


"The partnership of AirPro and Car ADAS Solutions helps repairers not only service vehicles properly, we guide customers into a new revenue stream. We teach customers how to properly calibrate vehicles, mitigate liability, improve cycle time, quality and bottom line.” 


Car ADAS provides the implementation of...

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